Holly Hapless Stephen Walker Brand

Welcome to Holly Hapless! A Blogging brand, where this site provides the focal point for the publishing and entrepreneurial efforts of a chronic illness Blogger.

Hi there! I’m Stephen Walker and I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, way back in 1994.

…why Holly Hapless?

I initially dreamed up the name Holly Hapless on a day when I was feeling particularly hopeless. The name stuck when I realised it didn’t need to be a person; real or assumed. It could be my business brand.

This Holly Hapless site has become the hub for my brand awareness promotion.

The Holly Hapless Tour

My experience with multiple sclerosis along with the many pitfalls and realisations can be found in:

Writing and Fighting, my personal health awareness Blog.

Stephen Walker does not blog solely about multiple sclerosis and other health conditions.

Stephen Walker is also an Internet Marketer and many of the tools he uses and the lessons he’s learned can be found in:

The Travelling Blogger as the name does not imply is about web design, internet marketing and search engine optimisation.

All of the none health related topics that need to be learned to run a successful Blogging business.

With the view of establishing and protecting my brand; I registered the domain name used here. At the time, I had no intention of actually using the name. I just wanted to reserve it.

But here we are; despite my best intentions I have published the site and it even includes a:

Welcome Post for your perusal.

I will be surprised if you find this blog, I will be amazed if you like it. It will astound me if you find it useful

A slave to Yoast SEO. This page may not make the most enticing reading, but it does tick most of the boxes in the Yoast SEO keyword score.

I have let you, the reader, down a little as the Yoast SEO readability score is a lot less than perfect.

However, I did not set out to write a literary masterpiece, and in that regard I have succeeded emphatically.

Organic Search Engine Traffic

I don’t really expect to get any search engine traffic to this blog, nor, at this stage, do I really want any.

It is a newly registered domain name. I have only a couple of pages and posts. There will be no inbound links from anywhere. The content is of very little interest to anybody.

I have other, active, well-established blogs which occupy a lot of my time in maintaining them.

Searching for Holly Hapless

Despite the earlier denunciation of search engine traffic. I had tested the phrase “Holly Hapless” on the search engines and found it to deliver excellent results. As a phrase or a name there is or was very little competition.

In short, this blog has a very inauspicious future, as an active publishing platform.

BUT, it is reserving the Holly Hapless name, which is all that is required of it. Job done!

I may try to direct a little traffic here from my very loyal Twitter followers. But Twitter is not the most reactive platform when it comes to publishing hyperlinks for traffic.

However, if you have arrived here from Twitter, then I may count you among one of my most engaged and loyal Twitter followers. Thank you very much!

As landing pages go, this is pretty much a non-starter. There is no reason for an organic visitor to arrive here from the search engines. The page is not about any specific topic. There is no reason that a visitor should want to find this page.

Settling on a WordPress Theme

One of the best decisions I have made in recent times, was to invest in a professional theme for my WordPress site.

I do not know how other people choose the theme they wish to use. But my method is the tried and tested suck it and see. Yes, good old trial and error.

I have experimented with many free themes available from the WordPress theme download site. And, invariably, I find that it is one or other ThemeGrill themes that seem to offer the best possibilities.

To purchase a single theme with a single-use licence was approximately $70. But, the complete package of 14 themes to use on multiple sites was only $200.

These prices are, of course, only correct at the time of publishing this page.

At the time, this was a considerable investment for me, even to consider. But, finally, after months of prevarication, I chose to bite the bullet and make the purchase.

I know many people, the people I admire and respect, use the Genesis theme. I believe this to be the ultimate theme, but it is very expensive. Also, I understand that many professional Bloggers use the Genesis theme as the foundation for their own custom theme.

I am not ready, at this time, to go down the custom theme road. From a technical standpoint, I am sure I have, or could develop, the skill to customise a WordPress theme.

But, I’m not sure that my MS-addled brain would cope with it too well.

Benefits of a paid-for Theme

A professional theme should be responsive. Which means it is quick to load and quick to index. Both important factors in search-engine optimisation.

The early results, albeit very unscientific, would indicate that my traffic is growing considerably as a result of the theme switch.

A paid-for theme also offers more functions and greater flexibility. Free themes tend to have little in the way of customisation.

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