Holly Hapless the home of ethereal aspiration

Holly Hapless is a persona who has never existed in material form. Instead, Holly Hapless became what should have been the brand for the Spoonie Blogger.

Hi there! Holly Hapless is not a person. The name was selected after researching possible keywords for a new domain. Unfortunately, the thing omitted from the research was a purpose.

For a few years, Stephen Walker used this domain as a testing ground for new blogging ideas and layout experiments.

However, these ideas never cane to fruition and this WordPress blog now has no use and no prospect.

During the brief life of this blog it did feature a couple of travel related posts, reflecting the travel aspirations of the author.

These retired posts may feature on the new mshealthblog.com site founded after an old site fell victim to nalicious damage by hackers.

And, I have also unearthed an orphan site in Retirement Folly.