Twitter is simple, right? 280 characters to send a brief message, you follow people, they follow you. Nothing to it. Well, yes and no. In its simplest form and for its most basic purpose, Twitter is that simple. But, professional Twitter management requires experience and the right tools.

However, if you are a marketer or a blogger wishing to reach out to a large audience then using Twitter requires a little more thought and a lot more effort.

Traffic Generator

Twitter Management done like a Pro is an attempt to demystify much of the hype surrounding this ubiquitous social media platform.

I, personally, joined Twitter in July of 2009 although I don’t believe I started using it in earnest until around 2012.

Automate all your Twitter Management with SocialOomph

Initially, I didn’t see the point of a simple message system that allowed you to post 140 characters. Of course, at that time I had no internet marketing aspirations. And I had no conceivable use for social media in any form. Oh, how things change.

How do the Professionals do Twitter Management?

For the most part, professional Twitter users are just like the rest of us, but only better prepared with all the right tools and resources.

But, the professional marketing tools are exorbitantly expensive. Well, some of them are certainly priced a little on the high side. But the right social media management tools do not need to be the most expensive to be the best.

I discovered, just the other day, a social media management tool that is going to completely transform my Twitter marketing strategies. SocialOomph is a no-frills, low-key, absolutely amazing social media management tool that you really should take a look at.

What do I mean by no-frills? Just that. It has no fancy, pretty user interface. The context-sensitive help is very limited. It is a very basic, WYIWYG interface. This tool is there to allow you you to enter Tweets or Posts to be submitted to your social media platforms.

At its most basic level, it doesn’t do very much. But what it does it does well. There are many tools available that purport to do the job better, for a price.

A Twitter Tools Recommendation

I think SocialOomph is very reasonably priced and it was exactly the tool I had been looking for. And I was so pleased I didn’t need to design and build it myself, which I was beginning the think might be my only solution.

You will have guessed, by the liberal sprinkling of advertising banners, that I am a SocialOomph affiliate. And you would be right. But, more than that, I am a SocialOomph convert.

Traffic Machine!

Having used Buffer as my Twitter scheduling tool in the past, I have been blown away by the ease of use in SocialOomph and the sheer extra functionality offered by this amazingly affordable Twitter management platform.

Easily manage multiple Twitter accounts

If you can rune one Twitter account, you can run one hundred Twitter accounts. Not that I am advocating anything like that extreme. I currently run two Twitter accounts and have ideas and aspirations to run, possibly, two more.

With SocialOomph this will be a breeze. You can run as many campaigns on as many accounts as you can keep track of.

Build your own traffic machine

As a blogger, traffic is my holy grail. It is what I dream about at night. Alright, it isn’t quite that, but what I do dream about at night would require Freud to interpret.

SocialOomph differs from the other Tweet scheduling programs I have evaluated in that it allows you to put your tweets into a pool or reservoir of tweets. This pool or reservoir of tweets can then be used to drip-feed tweets to your audience on auto-pilot.

To me, drip-feed suggests a very low rate of event occurrences. However the SocialOomph drip can be as slow or fast as you need it to be.

Twitter is not known for producing high click-through rates to your Blog. But it can be. With SocialOompmh in your corner you can be sure your tweets are going out at the optimum times to connect with your audience.

This is Twitter Management made easy. Because, I an a chronically ill blogger and I need it to be easy.

Run your own Twitter bots

This claim had me a little puzzled when I first saw it. The ability to schedule and recycle content to your social media platforms automatically makes this a bot in my opinion.

However, a more recognised bot feature might be auto follow back and sending welcome messages to ne Twitter followers. SocialOomph can perform both of these functions. But, this incurs an additional cost.

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Automate your social marketing

I have outlined, above, the main features of SocialOomph. It will be the judicious use of these very features that are going to allow you to run your own effective marketing campaigns.

When you set up your queues of content for your Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest accounts. You want to be sure you have synchronised these to run at the desired time to maximise your publicity and fully leverage the reach you have.

With SocialOomph you can set the times for publishing your content. You can start a campaign on a specific date, pause the campaign over a holiday period and stop the campaign when you like.

All of these features will allow you to runa very effective marketing campaign.

Plan it, Set it and Forget it

Music to my ears. I have long wanted a hands-off solution for my social media activities. Not because I an antisocial or especially lazy. Because, I need to use my time wisely. Work should have a specific goal in mind.

OK, the last item was a little silliness on my part. But, when I was spending hours filling up my Twitter schedules every weekend, I needed that coffee.

Now, my weekend have been freed of that tedium, and I can do some real work.

With SocialOomph, you still have to fill your queues or reservoirs with your tweets, posts or pins. But once you have done it, you can sit back and enjoy your handiwork.

I would never suggest you set it and forget it. I still like to monitor my social media activity so that I can tweak content fix typos and respond to questions I receive.

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The Ultimate Twitter Tool

No, SocialOomph is not the ultimate Twitter Managementtool.

For me, SocialOomph is the ultimate Social Media tool.

It does so much more than just Twitter, albeit it may do Twitter best. SocialOomph supports Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Plurk.

It is not free. This is a fully paid-for service. But, I could justify the very reasonable cost by simply cancelling my Buffer and Boardbooster accounts.

If you are serious about using Twitter for or alongside your business and you haven’t heard of SocialOomph before, then don’t waste a moment longer, click one of the banners and see what it could be doing for you.

Yes I am an affiliate of SocialOomph and I will receive a small commission if you were to sign up. Holly Hapless is my business and I am an affiliate marketer.

Of course, you could easily become an affiliate yourself and start to make yourself a small income.

Before I conclude this post on Twitter Management I will leave you with a handy link to the Wikipedia post about Twitter:

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