Should the joys of travel be restricted for the disabled traveller? I hope to show that with a little planning and careful preparation, almost anything is possible for the adventurous wheelchair-bound explorer. Including my preferred airline, Jet2, and their excellent disabled assistance and personal service.

Disabled Assistance with few Limitations

In this modern world of equal rights, we hope to demonstrate how the limited mobility traveller can travel to any destination, near or far, with the least difficulty and fewest obstacles.

One of the joys I have discovered, is flying with a disability and a wheelchair. If the airline has proper disabled assistance facilities it can be very satisfying to arrive at the airport to be met by a smiling young lady, waiting to greet you.

And, one of the best airlines for the disabled traveller, that we have found, is Jet2. I have heard some people complain about this airline, but we have never had reason to criticise them.

jet2 airplane takeoff perfect disabled assistance airline disabled traveller
Jet2 Aircraft at Takeoff.

The Disabled Traveller prefers Jet2 Airlines and Jet2 Holidays

Jet2 are not the only travel company that we have used for our foreign trips. However, rest and relaxation might be the intention, but too often, this will not be the outcome.

I am composing this article from the apartamentos Viña del Mar in Benidorm. We flew with Jet2 albeit not on a Jet2 Holidays package or a Jet2 City Break deal. We have had the apartments in Benidorm recommended by a family member. So, we booked the apartment, flights and airport transfer separately.

This was, undoubtedly, not the most cost-effective way to have booked our travel arrangements. But, Jet2 Holidays did not have the apartment or dates we required.

Jet2, their staff and the ease of booking have impressed both my wife and myself greatly. Unlike some of their competitors, Jet2 have a good telephone enquiry service. Booking the disabled assistance over the telephone allows them to ensure the personal service you will enjoy.

Not impressed by the competition

I do not intend to use this post as a vehicle for complaining about any travel company. So, I will limit my writings to those that will help you select your perfect vacation. I should remind myself that this post is intended to be an information source for you, the disabled traveller.

Therefore, I will draw this section to a close with a link to our recent trip to sunny Benidorm.

The Disabled Traveller Useful Guide

I would like to make this Blog a useful guide to help you.

In time, I hope that we can encourage other worldly travellers to contribute their experiences. So, to that end, if you have fond travel memories to share then please contact us.

There are only so many destinations we can visit, personally. So, we will need to rely on you to contribute your holiday highlights. Now, it would be easy to ask you for your  holiday winners, but we all know there will be disappointments that others may do well to heed.

This post has changed in it’s objective. It started out as traveller guide, instead it has evolved into song of praise for Jet2.

So, rather than fight this natural evolution, I may as well embrace the topic and try to make the song sing.

Disabled Assistance with Personal Service

We have recently returned from a short city break to Rome. We were travelling with another couple where the man is wholly wheelchair-bound. There was some difficulty at the Leonardo da Vinci airport  which caused a significant delay in reuniting us with our wheelchairs.

A communication issue with the ground staff had caused the difficulty and had nothing to do with Jet2. The Jet2 staff had contacted the taxi company informing them of the problem. Because of this our airport transfer waited until we had cleared the airport.

We made it to our hotel without further incident. We forgot all about the delay amidst all the tourist sight visiting. The day for our return arrived and the transfer taxi collected on time.

On our return to the Leonardo da Vinci airport the Jet2 staff were expecting us.  A delightful young lady, who introduced her self as Gina, met us at the door of the airport.

She apologised profusely for our earlier inconvenience and assured us that she, personally, would take us through all the airport checks.

Imagine our delight at this unexpected service. We came home from Rome with a very good impression of Jet2.

The Great Service continues

I may already have mentioned this, but I am writing this post in Benidorm having travelled with Jet2 once again.

We, again, received personal service from the airline staff, even though we were not on a Jet2Holiday or a Jet2CityBreak. We chose to fly Jet2 for their service not for their holiday.

The Jet2 representative met us at the door to Edinburgh airport. Checked our documents and travel plans and immediately escorted us through check-in.

As a firm believer in giving credit where it is due, I am happy to sing the praises of Jet2 Airlines.

Jet2 is the Disabled Assistance of Choice