The question of motivation has become a topic of much consideration in the life of a blogger being beset by one problem after another. The idea of making motivation words the focus of this blog happened for several reasons.

Sometimes the creation of a new Blog is a matter choice. And, at other times, it can be an urgent necessity. Holly Hapless is the latter.

The blogger behind Holly Hapless is Stephen Walker. He is a Scotsman who was born in June of 1958.

Furthermore, he is what is known as a Spoonie. The reason for this is that he suffers from multiple sclerosis. A debilitating autoimmune disease that is characterised by extreme fatigue and brain fog.

Holly Hapless is not a person

Holly Hapless designed for Pinterest

The difficulty with being a Spoonie is that clarity of thinking is a rare commodity.

As the Spoonie Blogger, Stephen was an active and potentially successful Pinterest marketer.

In a matter of only a few months. A popular Pinterest account had been built up to a point where making it a successful business was a very real possibility.

But, this potential new business came to a crashing halt when the Pinterest account was suspended..

The Pinterest account was suspended as I had infringed the rules of their strict spam policy. This infringement was committed unintentionally. I blame the MS for allowing this extremely poor judgement.

So, is no longer a viable platform for this new Pinterest marketing business. Which is, of course, the new raison d’etre for Holly Hapless. But, it will stay alive complete with the existing Pin images.

The suggestion that Holly Hapless is designed for Pinterest is possible a little ambitious. To state that Holly Hapless is intended to be used with Pinterest would be far more accurate.

However, I intend to take a two-pronged approach to this problem. Resurrecting Holly Hapless is the first stage of this process. And continuing to explore the possibility of managing to persuade Pinterest to reinstate my suspended account being the second option.

Given that many previous attempts at both Pinterest marketing and blogging have been disappointing, to say the least. A crash course in Pinterest marketing has been essential.

All that Stephen Walker knows about Pinterest and WordPress have been discarded. It is time to acknowledge that this information is erroneous and useless. Education has to be the route to reclaiming his business prospects.

The fact that, despite numerous setbacks, Stephen still persists if following this business opportunity, suggests that he is either very stubborn or highly motivated.

The need for Motivation Words

Now, I don’t suggest, for one moment, that any motivation words will be enough to transform my business prospects. But, these motivation words definitely help me to keep soldiering on.

Furthermore, if these motivation quotes can help me contend with my chronic illness then they can help other people improve their lives.

So, motivation words have power. The motivation quotes have potential. They can provide the material for this new Blog.

In short, they have the ability to power this Blog to previously unseen success. A very attractive proposition.

But, this shiny new toy has no value without the knowledge to fully utilise it. Education is going to have to play a very important part in preventing the previous failures.